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SmartGuide is a digital guide platform that turns every phone into a personal travel guide.
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Grow your business with self-guided tours. It's easy.

You sell amazing guided tours. But let’s face it, less than 10% of travelers take tours. The remaining 90% never take tours —they don't fit their schedule, or may not be in their language. Some people just don't prefer groups, or don't have the budget for a private guide. Would you like to expand your business to serve the remaining 90%?

SmartGuide is a ready-built platform for publishing your own engaging and certified Covid-safe guides. Digitize the story of your best existing guide yourself for free in our Content Management System in as little as 1 hour or have our expert team prepare it, turnkey, for you. You can then sell your digital self-guided tour as a new product.

Promote your country and culture to the world of independent travelers

Address new customer segments ahead of competition.

With smart-guided tours, you can attract even tourists who would not go on a group tour, because they value independence, flexibility, or if you have a limited budget. You can also offer digital guides for less common foreign languages, where maintaining a live guide is not economical.

Create additional income with a self-guided tour product

You can upsell self-guided city tours on top of your main products or sell it as a new product.

Launch self-guided tours even if you have a limited budget

You can publish guide yourself via our Content Management System for free. But if you have some budget, our content team will be happy to help you out to save your time.

Maintain consistent top-quality experience

A great live guide delights customers, but a poor guide can spoil your brand. You can digitize your best tour guide and deliver the same great story to all your customers.

Engage every audience and expand your portfolio

You can prepare mainstream content for everyone and thematic tours for specific audiences. The same place or exhibit can have a different story for kids and for history buffs, both in text and audio. All in as many languages as you want.

Keep your customers safe from Covid-19

A contactless guide on one’s phone leads tourists independently and saves you a lot of trouble with disinfection. With a solution certified by Seal of Excellence in Covid-19 response by the European Commission you can serve even customers who are afraid of Covid in a tour group.

Promote your tour services to the world of independent travelers

Custom-built apps fail after 2-3 years without maintenance. SmartGuide provides automated updates and user care, so there’s no headache for you and no extra IT budgets.
Maintenance, replacement and recharging of traditional audio guides are eliminated with SmartGuide’s digital guide solution.

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The easiest way to introduce self-guided tours

We make it fast, easy and affordable for tour operators, travel agencies, and travel businesses of all kinds to digitize their clients’ experiences — without the pain of building and maintaining custom apps.

Audio Guides in multiple languages reduce your costs and increase revenue

Branded SmartGuides improve your service, increase engagement with your company’s brand, boost your position as an innovator and provide you with unique analytics about your customers.

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