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SmartGuide is an innovative, ready-built digital guide platform. Why build your own?


Publish a digital audio guide for your guests. It's easy.

Say goodbye to outdated paper leaflets and obsolete guides. Digitize the story of your best existing guide yourself for free in our Content Management System in as little as 60 minutes or have our expert team prepare it, turnkey, for you.

You can offer the guide publicly for free to provide more value to your guests or sell it for extra revenue. And you'll never have to worry about reprints or maintenance.

Stay relevant for modern travelers

Tourists expect to find you on their phone, book their room on their phone, arrange transportation to reach you on their phone … and expect to learn more about the interesting places around their hotel also from the convenience of their phone. Don't disappoint them.

Create a lasting bond with your guests

Delight travelers with insightful storytelling, convenient navigation, and authentic experiences. More satisfied and loyal visitors lead to more referrals and more visitors.

Free up your concierge and increase the efficiency of your reception desk

Provide an innovative service to your clientele, free up your reception desk and lower the concierge cost at the same time. Offer a digital audio guide with a self-guided tour experience to your guests.

Be contactless and impress guests with innovation

Turn Covid’s impact into an opportunity and introduce new technologies to differentiate your hotel brand through innovation and digitization of services.

Engage every audience with content relevant for them

You can prepare mainstream content for everyone and thematic tours for specific audiences. The same place or exhibit can have a different story for kids and for history buffs, both in text and audio.

Promote your hotel to the world of independent travelers

Covid taught people to travel independently and use digital tools. The share of individual tourists is increasing, and they look for self-guided tours. We already have almost 1 million of travelers on the platform and they are waiting for your stories. More come every day. Join in too!

Save time and budget, use a ready-made solution

We’ve already developed all the technology you need. SmartGuide saves you the hassle of publishing your own guide app and fits any budget. Travelers don’t want to install one app for every destination they visit. They prefer to have over 800 destinations all in one SmartGuide app.

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The perfect replacement for outdated traditional guides

We make it fast, easy, and affordable for hotel operators of all kinds to digitize their guests’ experiences -- without the pain of building and maintaining custom apps.

Digital guide in multiple languages improves your concierge

Branded SmartGuides improve your service, increase engagement with your hotel’s brand through tailor-made tour tips for your guests, and boost your position as an innovator. SmartGuide also provides you with unique analytics about your guests.

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