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SmartGuide is a digital guide platform that turns every phone into a personal travel guide.
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Publish a digital audio guide for modern travelers. It's easy.

SmartGuide is a ready-built platform for publishing your own engaging and certified Covid-safe guides.

Create a digital guide yourself for free in SmartGuide CMS (Content Management System) in as little as 60 minutes or have our expert team prepare it, turnkey, for you. And you'll never have to worry about maintenance.

Become an innovator, inspire tourists, and help make tourism more sustainable at the same time.

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The perfect replacement for outdated traditional guides

We make it fast, easy, and affordable for tourist destinations and attractions of all kinds to digitize their visitor experiences - without the pain of building and maintaining custom apps.

Smart destination management based on big data insights

We know exactly who your visitors are, where they go, how much time they spend there, what they like and what they find boring. Aggregated data protects personal privacy and helps you make smarter decisions.

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