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Business travel is down and will be slow to recover following the pandemic, so finding new ways to delight leisure travelers is paramount. So, let’s imagine a situation where you are serving a leisure traveler.

A guest shows up at the concierge desk to ask for recommendations on fun things to do in your destination. What does your concierge do?

Most likely, they pull out a paper map and scribble some instructions on it that may or may not be intelligible for the guests later on. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

Instead, imagine that your guests have access to a digital concierge and scan a QR code to pull up a personal contactless guide to your destination. The guide includes information about your partners and a self-guided city tour starting right from the hotel reception.

That sounds like a more helpful, immersive experience for your guests, right?

What if we told you that this is all already possible with SmartGuide?

What is SmartGuide?

SmartGuide is an app that turns every traveler’s phone into a personal tour guide in their pocket. It is the fastest and cheapest way to provide digital self-guided tours for your hotel guests. You can offer the guide as an extra perk to your guests, with full attribution to your hotel brand.

Create digital concierge recommendations with SmartGuide

Leisure travelers seek out local destination recommendations so that they can get the most out of their trip. They want to learn more about your destination before they go exploring.

With a digital concierge, scanning a QR code to open your destination guide would immediately give your guests access to the top sites and hidden gems around your destination. They can also leave directly from your hotel, making everything easier for them and keeping them nearby to your business.

The app provides features such as self-guided audio tours, offline maps that can be accessed anytime, and augmented reality features that allow tourists to explore independently at their own pace.

If the guests do not speak the local language, no problem! With a digital concierge, the audio tours are available in many languages, so your guests don’t need to worry about finding a concierge who speaks their native language.

Stay safe from Covid-19 with SmartGuide

Using SmartGuide is a great way to keep your guests safe from Covid-19. SmartGuide is a personal contactless guide system so travelers only need to interact with their own smartphone. The app is also designed to guide travelers away from the crowds and maintain a safe distance.

The SmartGuide app fully complies with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control. The SmartGuide app is also proud to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence in Covid-19 Response by the European Commission.

Get started with SmartGuide for free today!

Interested in a digital concierge? Your hotel could be ready to join the future of travel!

Join SmartGuide today and start offering amazing personal contactless guides to your guests in a matter of days. You can create your own guides for free, or we are happy to have our experts create a guide for you for a reasonable fee. Offer your contactless personal guides to your guests for free or add them as a special paid perk for your loyal guests and earn extra revenues.

SmartGuide grew seven times last year, despite the pandemic. We are now guiding hundreds of thousands of travelers around the globe. Don’t miss out! Add your hotel to the catalogue of over 500 top destinations already on SmartGuide.

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