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One thing is for certain: the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the tourism industry forever.

And even now, with many places opening back up when it is safe, tourists are unlikely to travel the same as they did before the pandemic.

Many tourists will opt to travel independently and in small groups, rather than in large tour groups. Tourists are less likely to share resources like unhygienic audio guides.

Tourists are also more likely to seek out less-traveled places rather than visiting the biggest tourist places in an area.

But these tourists will still need to find a way to make their way around and learn about local attractions. So how will they do that on their own?

Enter the SmartGuide app.

What is the SmartGuide app?

The SmartGuide app turns every traveler’s phone into a contactless personal tour guide in their pocket.

It guides travelers using audio, geolocation, and augmented reality features such as a live guide. It is designed to guide travelers to places away from the crowds and keep them safe from Covid-19.

The SmartGuide app currently includes 400 travel destinations, all within a single app. Users can easily publish destination guides for free or access hundreds of guides that were specially crafted by our travel experts.

The destination guides include features such as self-guided audio tours and augmented reality features that point out interesting attractions and play engaging stories as you walk around.

The app includes hundreds of maps and itineraries that you can access even when you are offline, so you never have to worry about getting lost.

You can directly book top local experiences on the app too!

Users get the most out of their visit with SmartGuide

The SmartGuide app lets users tailor their vacation experience exactly to their tastes, so they get the most out of their vacation.

Provide personalized recommendations curated by our experts.

Let users explore the area at their own pace so they never have to worry about following the crowd.

And with so much multi-media information at their fingertips, users can immerse themselves deeply in the local experience and learn more about each place.

When you’re traveling, you never want to miss a thing. No one wants to spend their vacation staring down trying to read a guidebook instead of looking around. With the SmartGuide app, users can enjoy their experience while listening rather than reading.

Stay healthy and safe from Covid-19

In addition to making sure users get the best travel experience, the SmartGuide app also prioritizes everyone’s health and safety.

Users can avoid unhygienic audio guides and use only their personal smartphones.

They can travel to less crowded places and get personal recommendations that take them away from the crowds.

The SmartGuide app fully complies with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control.

The SmartGuide app is also proud to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence in Covid-19 Response by the European Commission.

The app is also currently working with three governments on Covid-19 response programs.

What can the SmartGuide app do for travel destinations?

For travel destinations, the SmartGuide app can:

Help restart local tourism quickly and safely in a post-Covid world

Increase your revenues

  • Attract more tourists to hidden gems and less visited places in need of tourism revenue
  • Make the visit more meaningful and rewarding for both tourists and the communities they visit
  • Create travel guides 20x faster and cheaper than traditional tours, which allows you to be ready for the upcoming tourism season with minimal upfront time and costs
  • Handle all of your IT, maintenance, and marketing support needs
  • Provide invaluable user demographics and live analytics data

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