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SmartGuide is a ready-built digital guide platform where you can publish your own guide — today, for free. So what are you waiting for?


Create an immersive digital guide in as little as an hour — for free.

Covid taught people to travel independently and use digital tools. The share of individual tourists is increasing, and they look for self-guided tours. We already have almost 1 million of travelers on the platform and they are waiting for your stories. More come every day. Join in too!

Tell stories about the interesting places people should explore.

Every place is more interesting when you hear an engaging story from a local. You are the local expert and know best the hidden gems and stories that get people excited. Don't keep these stories to yourself. It has never been easier to share them with the world of independent travelers. Even though you can’t guide every visitor in person, you can digitize your story on SmartGuide and guide tourists even when you sleep.









Creating a digital guide is easy and you can start right now

SmartGuide CMS (Content Management System) is an intuitive tool where you can easily create and publish a digital audio guide for a tourist destination without any IT or design skills.

It’s really simple:

1. Search and open your destination.
2. Create new places of interest on the map and describe them as if you were guiding your friend. An audio guide is created automatically as you type or you can upload your own narration.
3. Create recommended itineraries by connecting the places in a tour.
4. Preview the content to make sure all works just as you want.
5. Publish your masterpiece for the world to enjoy or sell the guide to your visitors.

Publish an audio tour with your content and make your destination shine

Here are 9 reasons why you should publish a digital audio guide:

1. Create interesting and valuable experience for your visitors
2. Ensure your visitors hear your best stories
3. Restart your travel business after the pandemic in an innovative way
4. Attract more visitors to your destination by exposing it on a global platform
5. Attract more tourists to less visited places in need of tourism revenue
6. Make the visit more meaningful and rewarding for both tourists and the local communities
7. Promote yourself as the guide author with your profile and link to your website in SmartGuide on every piece of content you provide
8. Earn extra revenues if you decide to sell the content
9. Make easy content updates whenever something changes, unlike printed guides

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